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‘ A Dawn for Leonia’ installation for “REWILD: Architecture Defines a New Landscape”

Opening Reception: Jan 23 / 6-10 pm

Exhibit: January 24 – June 7, 2015

Where: 235 Queens Quay W. Hours:

Tue, Wed: Noon-6pm

Fri-Sun: Noon-6pm

Thu: Noon-8pm

Mondays: Closed except civic holidays



We imagine a dystopian future – a world in which all natural resources have been depleted by the rampant manufacturing and waste production of centuries of industrialization.

 " A Dawn or Leonia"

In such a future, exhausted of raw materials, there is no production of plastic, metals, fuel, industrial chemicals or pharmaceuticals. Much of the population survives on re-processed objects, found objects and hybrids made from both.


Memories are also constructs. For many, sunny skies, rain forests, wild animals and sunsets are only known through descriptions from the elders who can still remember them.


Based on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities (1972), A Dawn for Leonia is an interpretation of a potential future where sunrises are no longer.

“A Dawn for Leonia” is part of Toronto Design Offsite Festiva (TO DO)

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