• ‘Genius Loci’-TTC Runnymede Station (Concept)

    Our piece is called: or simply translated ’the spirit of the place’. We’ve create a piece that’s site specific and considers the particular character, community and […]
  • Migrating Landscapes

    was a nation-wide architecture competition and series of exhibitions that explored how Canadian architects and designers ages 45 and under had been influenced by migration and […]
  • The Void (Mini-Collages)

  • Anatomic Work – Skull Studies

    Fascination with the human body, with God’s supreme creation, has always been part of Art and consequently of science, since dissection has been the most common […]
  • NAVI at NXNE 2014

    SUMO Project, Lovera Studio and Derooted collaborated in the stage design for NAVI’s NXNE-2014 live performance featuring the first two of three movements from his debut […]
  • The Whitney Museum and Michael Clark Company

    In 2012 Michael Clark, the iconic British dancer, choreographer, and artist; was the artist in residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art (From March 14 […]
  • An Extraordinary Alien

    For the creative mind a change is always a catalyst for new ideas, no matter what connotations that change may entail. Whenever mental and/or physical relocation […]
  • “Our Critique of Everyday life” (The Artist Project 2016)

    “Our Critique of Everyday life” is an installation of a more than a 100 cardboard houses, cut out from LP covers. The projects is a critique […]
  • Shadow Variation

    Shadow Variation: was a video created to explore ‘psychological projection’, in other words seeing ourselves in or through others or observing our own absence. Shadows and […]
  • Anatomic Work 2

    ‘Anatomic Series II’ explores the notion of ‘self’ and ‘consciousness’- the way perceive, feel and think in our own unique way – and though which construct […]
  • Urban Factors (300 seconds)

    SUMO Project invited filmmakers, artists, designers, planners, writers, scientists, sociologists, historians, and intellectuals, interested in the urban condition to participate in Urban Factors (300 seconds) – […]
  • Violent Death

    This video simply states the horrifying violent reality of Caracas, Venezuela. In 2009 Caracas accounted for 2,653 violent deaths (population: 2,903,685), versus the more livable and […]
  • Pop(fear)

    The word ‘Bomba’ in Spanish means both balloon and Bomb. With this in mind I created an interactive installation where the viewer was exposed to a […]
  • Anatomic Work 1 (Projections)

    “Projections” is a series that comes from various psychological states that deal with issues of protection, apparent strength, erasure, hiding, deterioration, etc… life as it evolves […]
  • Si Non Hominis – MOCCA TBD

    We were selected to participate on the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA*) as part of their TBD group exhibit that invited artists to imagine what […]
  • The Faces of Kensington

    The Faces of Kensington was photographic and multimedia ethnography of the neighbourhood’s population; a portrait study in search of Kensington’s ever-transient identity reflected in the faces […]
  • Re mem ber

    re|mem|ber goes beyond engaging the observer from a cognitive point of view and pushes towards producing an emotional reaction when a seemingly static bi-planar object that […]
  • Tracing Time (Digital Photography)

    This is the first series of digital images produced from videos. This series is a group of 6 images of New York City and Brooklyn, taken […]
  • art Brownie at IndexG Gallery

    The ART BROWNIE project, The Little Great Mini Art. These small works, all start with the same wood size piece as a base, and call for […]
  • Ignorance and Indifference

    Ignorance and Indifference was part of two exhibits in New York: “If You Build It” in Sugar Hill (Harlem) organized by ‘no longer empty’ and Are […]
  • In All Falsehood

    SUMO Project participated in The Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To My Room 2013 with a piece entitled ‘In all falsehood’. ‘In all falsehood’, challenges our perception […]
  • Fear (Digital Print)

    Fear (Digital Print) / 2012 / 20”x20.5” Is one of the art pieces in a series of investigation about ‘Fear’ as a tool of manipulation. See […]
  • Anatomic Work – Armor

    Armor: This series of seven (drawings (a varied edition)- is based on the idea of apparent strength. Explores the relationship between feelings and thoughts. It evolves […]
  • 160 Million Ghosts

    “Although the firing of guns at military funerals is seen as a sign of respect, this tradition may have its roots in the superstition that ringing […]
  • Flower Bomb – Grow OP

    For Grow Op 2014 we designed an installation that we called Flower Bomb, a piece suited for one of the Gladstone’s Public spaces. “Flower Bomb is […]
  • Timaeusopolis – CityVision Competition

    Timaeusopolis is a world we imagined for the New York CityVision Competition. Brief: If the future is gone, what past is expecting us? Try to imagine […]
  • A Dawn For Leonia

    “The city of Leonia refashions itself every day: every morning the people wake between fresh sheets, wash with just-unwrapped cakes of soap, wear brand-new clothing, take […]
  • Workforce

    Workforce was our Submittal for the Art Plinth at Brighouse Station Competition in Richmond, B.C. “Human capital is the stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality […]
  • One Inch Punch

    For One day only, LENNOX CONTEMORARY ART GALLERY selected from numerous art submissions that were transformed in One Inch Buttons and exhibited in the gallery, followed […]
  • Feeling Time

    “Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger […]
  • Chroma

    SUMO’s sculpture “Chroma” was featured as the artistic highlight of the ‘Access America Design Pavilion’ at the 2015 Toronto Interior Design Show. “Drawing inspiration from one […]
  • Measure

    We worked with the formal repetition of natural and man-made patters, using images from cities, landscapes and human body parts (particularly brain cells) focusing on the […]