An Extraordinary Alien

The Faces of Kensington
August 17, 2017
art Brownie at IndexG Gallery
August 15, 2017

For the creative mind a change is always a catalyst for new ideas, no matter what connotations that change may entail. Whenever mental and/or physical relocation occurs, individuals may struggle to re-visit, re-evaluate, and re-define themselves in an effort to identify and transform the unknown, to make the unfamiliar familiar.

This exhibit explored immigration as change through the concept of the “extraordinary alien” represented by the figure of architect Carlos Raul Villanueva and his work in the Universidad Central de Venezuela’s Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, particularly in the cultural and administrative complex where most of the concepts and themes developed by Villanueva come together.

In collaboration with Eduardo Lee and Arepa Cafe

January-May, 2012