Anatomic Work – Skull Studies

Anatomic Work – Armor
August 10, 2017

The Objects in My Head-Black

Fascination with the human body, with God’s supreme creation, has always been part of Art and consequently of science, since dissection has been the most common method of anatomic study and learning.
It was through the hands of the illustrator that the anatomist could communicate findings and avoid the natural feeling of revulsion and pain provoked by the image and experience of dead matter. In other words, the role of the illustrator was to transform the macabre, dismembered and decomposed biological matter into a pleasing and coherent image that could be used by scientists as well as artists.
Nevertheless, with the discovery of X-rays and other non-invasive exploratory techniques such as the MRI, CAT scan, etc., the connection between art and science has been weakened or in many cases has been rendered unnecessary.
My anatomic work explores the reestablishment of this connection, between Art and Science, by using modern techniques of artistic representation and scientific exploration. Thematically, playing with dualities such as: natural and constructed landscapes, the rational and the imaginary, the perception of scale, etc., as well as psychological concepts and medical testing.