In All Falsehood

Feeling Time
August 10, 2017
Shadow Variation
August 10, 2017

In all falsehood

SUMO Project participated in The Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up To My Room 2013 with a piece entitled ‘In all falsehood’.

‘In all falsehood’, challenges our perception of space but also the perception of ourselves in an unknown context. By creating an apparent interior and confined space that feels outer and infinite, the viewer will be confronted with a sense of dislocation and isolation. Evoking feelings of socio-cultural displacements such as alienation, anxiety, and paranoia mixed with the excitement of experiencing something unknown.

‘In all falsehood’ was the winner of a Juror’s Choice Award from the Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2013 presented by Herman Miller.


Press Releases:

We would like to thank and acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the Gurus: Chico Ezechiels & David Reale on the engineering and fabrication of the ‘in all falsehood’ CUBE. Thanks guys!!!
Chico’s cell: 416.846.6441

David’s cell: 416.951.8156