NAVI at NXNE 2014

‘Genius Loci’-TTC Runnymede Station (Concept)
August 14, 2017
August 14, 2017

Photo by Javier Lovera

SUMO Project, Lovera Studio and Derooted collaborated in the stage design for NAVI’s NXNE-2014 live performance featuring the first two of three movements from his debut album ‘Derelict_528.’

Born in Canada, Navi has pursued the formation of creative links between the auditory and the spatial for over 18 years. His approach to music is informed by his work as an architect.
Navi’s compositions are rooted in explorations that delve into ideas that span from how the tone of a room can alter the sense of space, or how a narrative can inform how a space will reveal itself through time.
Derelict_528 Movement no.1 – The first of three movements was released from his debut album “Derelict_528,” and the full album followed at the end of the year.
It presents an atmospheric imagined film score, with overtones of modern classical, drone, doom jazz and metal – rendered with sub bass culled from modern dub influences.
Compositions of acoustic instrumentation are augmented through an electronic lens that serves to enhance the sense of space and mood, producing a dense, layered, cinematic journey.
Cold and dissonant droning soundscapes are juxtaposed with moments of warmth and intimacy creating a sense of longing through isolation; dusty samples shift and fade within the auditory view, like decaying memories of the past clouded by time and circumstance.
A dystopic future swathed in the fading gauze of an abandoned past.