We were selected to participate on the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA*) as part of their TBD group exhibit that invited artists to imagine what the museum of the future should be like.

Si Nom Hominis (if only human)
Museums should be places that allow visitors to explore the wonders of what it means to be human through direct sensorial experiences. Desire, sensibility, curiosity, doubt, emotion, pleasure, spirituality, sounds, flavours, etc. Everyday life, what is beauty, the search for satisfaction, the fear of isolation, the future of space travel, could be personally discussed with actual artists, philosophers, scientists and other personalities. Rooms would continuously transform and offer a simultaneous collection of original, eclectic artifacts of scientific, social, artistic, cultural, and/or historical relevance in order to serve the needs of the human condition and awaken the most basic instincts or sophisticated thoughts.

September 6 – October 26, 2014

The exhibition title , most typically used as an acronym for ‘to be determined’, proposes that the definition of a contemporary art gallery is not fixed. TBD exposes the defining factors of contemporary art galleries for scrutiny and examines the institutions’ effects on communities in order to imagine possible futures and new approaches.

Brew Pub Journal (Vancouver/Toronto), Jonah Brucker-Cohen (New York), Bill Burns (Toronto/Dawson City), Arabella Campbell (Vancouver), ch+qs arquitectos (Madrid), Tomas Chaffe (Stockholm), Michelle JaJa Chang (San Francisco), Steven Chodoriwsky (Los Angeles), Maggie Groat (St. Catherines), Jesse Harris (Toronto), Justin Langlois (Vancouver), Gordon Matta-Clark (American), Dax Morrison (Toronto), Archer Pechawis (Toronto), Jon Sasaki (Toronto), Jeanne van Heeswijk (Rotterdamn) and others

To Be Destroyed: 69 jury-selected submissions from the call for ideas.

The jury selected 69 ideas out of the over 130 that were submitted. Several common themes are visible including ideas about itinerant galleries, mobile units, condoization, everyday life as art, accessibility and utlizing available spaces and structures. A number of unique and stand alone ideas are also among the display.

Eight of the ideas were made into a free postcard available at MOCCA* (indicated on the list with *).

Architecture program and consultation: Jennifer Davis

Curated by Su-Ying Lee, Assistant Curator, MOCCA*

*The MOCCA is now know as the Museum Of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada