In 2012 Michael Clark, the iconic British dancer, choreographer, and artist; was the artist in residence at the Whitney Museum of American Art (From March 14 through April 8). During this time the fourth floor of the museum was open the general public who visited the Whitney Biennial. Daily performances were scheduled March 29 through April 8.

Michael Clark was trained as classical ballet dancer and later combined his training with contemporary dance and artistic productions incorporating the music of David Bowie, Wire, and The Fall, amongst others, and collaborations with artists and designers such as Sarah Lucas, Peter Doig, Leigh Bowery, and others.
For his production at Who’s Zoo at the Whitney, he did an open call for volunteers, in which Ruth A Mora took part.
“The Whitney Museum and Michael Clark Company are seeking unpaid volunteers without formal dance training to work on a piece of “mass choreographic action” and perform as part of Michael Clark’s latest work for the 2012 Biennial. This project follows Clark’s hugely successful project at Tate Modern in London, which also involved a large group of untrained volunteers.”