August 12, 2017
Harbourfront Centre’s Cultural Village Feasibility Study
August 12, 2017


Location: City of  Coro and La Vela, Venezuela / 1996 /client: Mariano Talavera Corporation

The Kiosk’s concept focused on a flexible structure that would adapt to the climate and its immediate surroundings. That is to say that the main objective was for it to merge with the local architecture. Coro is one of the few cities declared “Historical patrimony of Humanity” by the United Nations, fundamentally conformed by historical Spanish colonial buildings.

When the Kiosk is closed it is anonymous. When opened and empty, it can have great transparency… or disappear among the objects that are being exhibited on it.

The main formal inspiration was ‘el tinajero’ a traditional natural water filter stone usually found in Venezuelan traditional houses.

Kiosk received a National Urban Design Competition Honourable Mention.