Leonia Luminaire

Ryerson Feasibility Studies
August 11, 2017
August 1, 2017

Photo by Junwoo Kahng

The name “Leonia” was inspired by one of the Invisible Cities from Italo Calvino’s celebrated eponymous novel. Leonia’s inspiration comes from the desire to give disposable beer kegs a second life as luminaires for a microbrewery.
“Leonia” is an ode (and a warning) to habitat destruction, climate change, and the destruction caused by economic pressure and greed. It’s a call for change, for mutualistic interactions that results in respect for the earth and each other.

The luminaire’s two main components are the disposable beer keg shades and the 6w LED lamp’s milled aluminum housings which also act as heat-sinks. Separating the two components to allow for the aluminum housings to be utilized on their own or with other shade options was an important part of the design approach as it offered multiple options, combinations and finishes.

To see a video of Leonia Luminaire as part of an art installation that we were part of, please click HERE

Leonia is for sale at: 


1160 Queen Street West (west of Dovercourt)
Toronto ON M6J1J5

Photographs by: Junwoo Kahng