Little Lake Urban Design Study

Bethune Street – Land Use and Urban Design Study
August 14, 2017
Kensington Brewing Company
August 12, 2017

Year: 2014-2015

Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Cost: N/A

Area:  11 Hectares (27.18 Acres)


The purpose of the study was to make recommendations that would guide growth and development in the Special Policy Area shown on Schedule “J” of the City of Peterborough Official Plan.

In shaping the vision for the Special Policy Area, three inputs were particularly important: (1) the broader policy context, including pertinent provincial plans and policies and the policies of the Official Plan; (2) an analysis of existing conditions; and (3) consultation with the public and stakeholders.

The final report detailed these elements of the planning analysis, and proposed a vision for the Special Policy Area, a set of principles intended to guide the realization of the vision and recommended land use elements and urban design standards to be incorporated into the planning policy framework for the area and potential approaches to its implementation.

The Vision identified the Special Policy Area as an important part of the City of Peterborough’s Central Area featuring moderate intensification scaled to its context and connecting residents and businesses to the centre of the city. It also recognized it as an important public place serving as a location of scenic natural beauty, a community meeting place for recreation and community events and an amenity for pedestrians and cyclists.

Principles included ensuring a publically accessible waterfront; enhancing public spaces through landscaping and amenities; using public art to celebrate the area’s identity; preserving the role of the waterfront in community life; preserving existing mature trees where possible; adding additional trees and greenery while preserving views; ensuring that new development fits within its context in terms of design and transitions; respecting the area as an important view/vista; improving amenities for pedestrians and cyclists and; promoting accessibility for those with disabilities and limited mobility.