“If You Build It” in Sugar Hill (New York)-Art Installation

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“If You Build It” in Sugar Hill (New York)-Art Installation

We are very pleased to announce our participation through ‘Art in Flux’ in the group show organized by ‘No Longer Empty’ and inspired by the essay “Down Under in Harlem” by Langston Hughes published (1944)
On June 25th  No Longer Empty opens “If You Build It” in Sugar Hill – at the intersection of the African-American community and the legendary Harlem Renaissance with the Latino community of Washington Heights.
Please come and Join us!

Location:  155th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. New York 10032 / Apt 3D
Exhibition hours: Wednesday–Friday 1–7pm & Saturday–Sunday 12–6pm
Opening reception: Wednesday, June 25, 7–9pm

On the view until August 10th


Our installation, Ignorance & Indifference, is presented for the first time in this show, inspired by the article and the thoughts below:

“Our work explores ideas of boundaries and limitations related to human sensibility and psyche. The work sometimes manipulates the space and sometimes is purely conceptual. It investigates human reactions and experiences in relation with sociocultural and political issues such as fear, displacement, psychological projection, memory, solitude, etc ” (Ruth A.Mora)

Ignorance and Indifference are often the cause of the majority of social problems. Deciding to be uninformed and showing no interest in other people’s realities should be interpreted as a form of compliance to negative behaviors such as racism, discrimination, prejudice and intolerance.

It is to say: I don’t now and I don’t care.

By deciding not to talk, listen or see, an immense social indifference and lack of sensibility is shown. Those attitudes are not inconsequential. We are all one society, one race. The good of one, should be the good of all, but it isn’t. Ignoring the pain of others, by choice, does not lead to a balanced society: it leads to unrest.

Such was the case of Harlem’s Sugar Hill.

The installation t deals with those two concepts: Ignorance and Indifference; and places them at the root of social inequality.

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