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Leonia Luminare published this month in Designlines Magazine

“Kate Eisen and Julie Jenkinson’s long-time shrine to mid-century furniture, art and design isn’t strictly about the past. Alongside some of their favourites – vintage ceramic Lotte lamps, Kofod-Larsen lounge chairs and Ben Seibel brass sculptures – you will find Jenkinson’s chunky Blackbones jewellery and sculptures, Leonia pendants from Sumo Project made from disposable beer kegs...” Designlines Magazine

Photo by by Naomy Finlay at Inabstracto

Photo by by Naomy Finlay at Inabstracto

Leonia’s inspiration comes from the desire to give disposable beer kegs a second life as luminaires for a microbrewery. The packaging (also showing in the picture) has also been designed by SUMO project. Re-using, adding, and altering the original container in which the kegs come from the factory to  re-purpose them.

Leonia’s’ is an ode (and a warning) to habitat destruction, climate change, and the destruction caused by economic pressure and greed. It’s a call for change, for mutualistic interactions that results in respect for the earth and each other.

You can find Leonia Luminaire  at INabstracto on Queen West (at Beaconsfield Av), only a limited edition!


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