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“Leonia” Opening Reception (Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2016)

Photo by Junwoo Kahng

Photo by Junwoo Kahng

Please Join us for the launch of “Leonia” luminaire as part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival (TO DO) 2016. The Toronto Design Offsite Festival (Jan 18-24) takes design out of the
studio and into the city, transforming the city’s downtown into a hub for all things design.

The name “Leonia” was inspired by one of the Invisible Cities from Italo Calvino’s celebrated eponymous novel. Leonia’s inspiration comes from the desire to give disposable beer kegs a second life as luminaires for a microbrewery.
“Leonia” is an ode (and a warning) to habitat destruction, climate change, and the destruction caused by economic pressure and greed. It’s a call for change, for mutualistic interactions that results in respect for the earth and each other.

Thurs, Jan 21, 2016 | 5-8pm
1160 Queen Street West


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