“Our Critique of Everyday life” @The Artist Project / Feb 18

//“Our Critique of Everyday life” @The Artist Project / Feb 18

“Our Critique of Everyday life” @The Artist Project / Feb 18

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Please join us at the Artist Project Opening Night, Feb 18, 7pm-10pm, when we will be showing /performing “Our Critique of Everyday life”

“Our Critique of Everyday life” is an installation of a more than a 100 cardboard houses, cut out from LP covers.
The projects is a critique to homogeneity produced by the modernist urban projects and an observation of the social relations revealed in the production of space. To push the limits of the “artist-as-machine” while maintaining the integrity of the handmade object;
House=Object is repeated until it transcends what it shows.

Capitalist urban space is twofold. It can function as a productive force in terms of industrialization and conversely as mode of ordering and restructuring the everyday life. Homogeneity and fragmentation are the basis of capitalist spaces. Subdivde, parcellize, and pulverize space. Resistance is only possible in lived space, in the appropriation and personalization of the lived space. In our installation, the shape of the house is always the same (order, modernism) and the use of LP covers represents the personalization of the living space, the appropriation, the incorporation of our own personal stories into the space we inhabit.

Our installation will operate in the circle of interaction and interpretations between the artist, the work and the audience. Each house is different and available to the audience to acquire. They are not for sale though, but for ‘trade/exchange’ . The audience will be able to acquire a piece of art in exchange for something else as a form of payments (a pen, a book, a CD, etc). Putting the attention in ‘value’, not ‘price’ and in doing so also propitiating human interaction
A book with a description and image of each house will also register the name of ‘the buyer’ and the object he or she gave in exchange for the art piece. At the end, the book will become the art piece and the deed.

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Ruth Mora (SUMO Project) with Rachel Delph

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