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Anatomic Series II

These silk screens are part of an ongoing investigation that relates the body with the human psyche.
Fascination with the human body has always been part of Art. In the past, dissection was the most common method of anatomic study and learning. But with the discovery of X-rays and other non-invasive exploratory techniques such as MRI, CAT-Scan, etc the connection between Art and Science has been weakened or in many cases has been rendered unnecessary.
This body of work aims to re-establish this connection by using also modern techniques of artistic representation and scientific exploration; thematically, playing with dualities such as: natural and constructed, the rational and the emotional, physical strength and psychological fragility, etc.
Also, they expose the hidden beauty that can be found in the shapes of human body: a skin close up, a brain section, an spinal cord, etc. They have to do with my childhood…and the way I think about life.

Click on the link to see video details of the drawings form Anatomic Series II


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