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NAVi concert at NXNE

NAVI concert at NXNE

Musical performance : NAVI
Stage design / 3D Mapping and projection : Derooted, SUMO Project and Lovera Motion+Photography

June 19, 2016 / Studio 223a

As part of NXNE 2014, NAVI performed the first two of three movements from the debut album ‘Derelict_528.’

‘Derelict_528’ is an atmospheric imagined film score, with overtones of modern classical, drone, doom jazz, and metal – all reinforced with sub-bass culled from modern dub influences.

The stage design tells the story of the imagined film score through a mix of projected moving and still images, mapped in a custom cut surface .Traveling through fragments of intense personal moments, anachronistic memories, and dreams that illustrate a journey of self-discovery .The story is deconstructed and re-constructed to the point that meaning can be shifted, and multiple interpretations are possible by the viewer.

see video here

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