SUMO at Cityvision Exhibit in Los Angeles

//SUMO at Cityvision Exhibit in Los Angeles

SUMO at Cityvision Exhibit in Los Angeles

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We are happy to announce our participation in the Worlds of Cityvision Exhibit in Los Angeles, USA.

From March 6th to 23rd, 2014 the Woodbury Architecture University in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles, will show at the WUHO Gallery the first comprehensive exhibition of works of the independent italian architecture lab Cityvision.

Worlds of Cityvision occupies the WUHO gallery, displaying for the first time in one venue numerous visionary urban proposals that the Cityvision lab orchestrated over the last four years. The exhibition features iconic works submitted to international competitions about the city that Cityvision sponsored for Rome, Venice, New York, and Rio de Janiero as well as new work they have produced in specific response to the gallery context.

Check out SUMO Project’s proposal here:

Check out , Cityvision’s exhibition description here

Stay tuned for updates and images of the show…

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