Wings (by Gaston Soucy)

Wings… they lift me
Above the lush green
Above the horizon
Into the great blue


Behind… all that was known
A familiar comfort, home
Ahead… anticipation The challenge of the unknown


Resistance, negation


As I walk in this new land
A stranger in a strange land
Adaptation is accepting
Understanding is essential
Recollection… fundamental


Observation, introspection


The diversity of this land
The opportunity to exchange
The prospect of growth


As I walk in this new land
I must stop to reminisce
The lushness of the green
The blueness of the blue
The stranger that I once was


Wings will lift me again
Above the great white
Above the horizon
Above the great blue


And I’ll try and leave behind a grain of sand
So that others can one day stand and understand
My home

©SUMO Project 2012



Drawing inspiration from one of Venezuela’s master artist Jesus Soto, and our own immigration experience, we created a place of play, encounter and shared memories.
This sculpture invites visitors to walk through it. In it, single phrases from a poem we wrote will be placed on the tubes. Close to the centre a small space will be open allowing the visitor to read the full poem.
Walking out of the sculpture, the visitor will find a different message and a completely different read of the piece. Reinforcing the idea of cultural displacement and of ‘gaining perspective’.



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