Ignorance and Indifference

Violent Death
August 11, 2017
Re mem ber
August 11, 2017

Photo by Karen Sterling

Ignorance and Indifference was part of two exhibits in New York:
“If You Build It” in Sugar Hill (Harlem) organized by ‘no longer empty’ and Are We Already Gone? Artists on the Art of Leaving organized by FlickerLab

Ignorance and Indifference are often the cause of the majority of social problems. Deciding to be uninformed and showing no interest in other people’s realities should be interpreted as a form of compliance to negative behaviors such as racism, discrimination, prejudice and intolerance.

It is to say: I don’t now and I don’t care.

By deciding not to talk, listen or see, an immense social indifference and lack of sensibility is shown. Those attitudes are not inconsequential. We are all one society, one race. The good of one, should be the good of all, but it isn’t. Ignoring the pain of others, by choice, does not lead to a balanced society: it leads to unrest.

Such was the case of Harlem’s Sugar Hill.

The installation t deals with those two concepts: Ignorance and Indifference; and places them at the root of social inequality.

“If You Build It” in Sugar Hill (Harlem) organized by ‘no longer empty’
Location: 155th Street and St. Nicholas Ave. New York 10032 / Apt 3D
Exhibition hours: Wednesday–Friday 1–7pm & Saturday–Sunday 12–6pm
Opening reception: Wednesday, June 25, 7–9pm
On the view until August 10th, 2014

Are We Already Gone? Artists on the Art of Leaving organized by FlickerLab
FlickerLab, 78 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012*
On view September 21st – September 28th,2014
For press inquiries, other images, or more information
contact: Negin Sharifzadeh
(917) 969-1979I’d like to thank my team, Azita Adib : Curatorial assistant and Drew Blomquist: Art professional and Art installer.

Featured Artists are:
Setareh Arashloo
Emily Auchincloss
Negar Behbahani
Golnaz Behrouznia
Orit Bin Shitrit
Marcy Chevali
Ruby Chishti
Ali Chitsaz
Jenn Dierdorf
Leonard Downs Reese
Mike Estabrook
Matthieu Fappani
Roya Farassat
Naghmeh Farzaneh
Serge Hamad
Joshua Hart
Meena Hasan
Lucy Hodgson
Vandana Jain
Suprina Kenney
Francine LeClercq
Dante Mann
Reza Marvashti
Ruth Mora (SUMO Project)
Marjan Moghaddam
Mary Linda Moss
Aphrodite Desirée Navab
Moojan Nazmi Ansari
Jonna Pedersen
Nooshin Rostami
Mehran Saber
Mona Saeed Kamal
Sepideh Salehi
Romy Scheroder
Negin Sharifzadeh
Zartosht Soltani
Kamran Taherimoghaddam
Katherine Toukhy
Katayoun Vaziri
Shadi Yousefian


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