About us

Gaston Soucy and Ruth Alejandra Mora are Architects registered with the Ontario Association of Architects with Master degrees from the University of Toronto in Urban Design and Architecture respectively. Their combined experience includes architectural, urban, landscape and industrial design projects as well as curatorship, art and installations. Our practice derives from the belief that “specialization is for insects”, poetry can be found in the prosaic, beauty in the ugly and mundane, playfulness in the utilitarian and, in doing more with the least amount of available resources.

Gaston Soucy, B.Arch; MUD Gaston is an urban designer-architect. His architectural background and interdisciplinary experience strengthen his comprehension on the various components involved in the design process and helps him bring fresh ideas into each project. His passion for all forms of art, and design led him to co-establish Sumo Project, a multidisciplinary design-art/ research practice. His work has preoccupation for the ‘human condition’ and the social aspect of design. Whether he is designing a building, an urban space or an art installation, he is interested in creating a space for inclusiveness and social interaction and in transforming the perception of the space into a sensorial and thought provoking experience.

Ruth A. Mora, B.Arch; M. Arch, MFA Ruth is an architect-artist, co-founder of Sumo Project. In addition to her Master in Architecture degree, Ruth is an MFA graduate from Pratt Institute in ‘New Forms’ concentration (non-traditional forms of art) and was distinguished with the MFA’s Outstanding Achievement Award. She commutes between Toronto and New York and continues to be active in both the architectural and artistic realms, working in erasing the line between the two. Her work deals with space and the boundaries related to human sensibility and psyche. She has been a guest critic at the University of Toronto and Pratt Institute’s Faculty of Architecture.